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A complex of ten villas 
in Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Three types of houses, from one to three bedrooms, with an option to add an autonomous guest unit to each of the various types.
The developers wanted to create options for clients who wish to own a vacation house on Phangan Island, while keeping a cohesive look of a homogenous neighborhood.

The leading design concept was to bring as much of the tropical outdoors into the house, while creating a cozy and homey feeling inside.

v2_INT - livingroom.jpg

The entrance allows a view through the house and into the pool area. Creating a divide between the public spaces from the private bedrooms.

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Exterior render_02.jpg

Each villa is like it's own little village. The main house sits in the center of the design and holds the common areas- Kitchen, dining, lounge and the covered outdoor terrace. The entire back facade is built of sliding glass doors, opening the view to the pool and garden beyond.

Exterior render_01.jpg

The bedroom wings flank the main house on either side. Having a lower roof separates them and gives a cozy, protective feeling inside. Each with their own large glass doors leading outwards, but in different directions. Allowing for maximum privacy.

Designing in a foreign country and dealing with the local engineers and licensing can certainly be daunting. Hiring an architect that speaks your language, both esthetically and practically, can make the design process much smother and enjoyable for all parties.

Working with 3D modeling all throughout the design process helps clients understand and be involved in the planning and development of their project. 

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