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Hi! I'm Shelly, digital nomad architect, owner of Agam DNA.

Shelly agam - digital nomad architect

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What is Digital Nomadism

Shelly Agam - digital nomad architect

Digital Nomadism is the ability to work anywhere. Being remote workers, having an online business or providing freelance services online. 

This type of work allows the freedom of working from anywhere- The beach, a coworking space, a mountain top, or simply from your home.

I love being a digital nomad, traveling the world while running my business. I've shared my experiences in Digital Nomad conferences around the world, with great feedback.
This talk shares my journey from a disgruntled architect to an accomplished digital business owner. About finding what you want in life and going for it!

Participants say...

Shelly agam - digital nomad architect

“Helping people envision and create the life they want for themselves...powerful and practical...unexpectedly emotional!...Shelly is articulate and engaging, and I get goosebumps thinking of the lifestyle she's now living...”

"The lecture made me think... To give a proper in-depth consideration to questions, that get overlooked in the daily grind..." 

Sharing my views about Digital Nomadism:



Membership site case study

A look behind the scenes of the membership site that makes up the majority of Revit Pros.


Make a space feel like home

Video chat about making temporary spaces feel like home for digital nomads.

Archgyan logo

Perks of being a DNA

Podcast about architecture and travel, how to get started and local design inspirations. 

Career Kickstarter

Being a digital nomad architect

Podcast about traveling while working and how to create your own remote business.


ארגון הבוגרים

The 'New World' Workspace

Key points of a full lecture about designing your own lifestyle and making dreams come true.

פרנסה בנדודים

Nomads Live

Nomads Live- Couple with Dog

Video podcast About how we got started as a digital nomad couple and about traveling with a dog.

הייטק בפקקים

DNs- not what we thought

Video podcast about traveling the world as a DN. What it means & is this the future of how we work? 

מרק נוודים

Kibbutz Moran

Podcast about Our journey, how much we spend and what we are planning next.

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