Hi! I'm Shelly, an architect and digital nomad, owner of Agam DNA.

An online business, striving to inspire, Connect and provide helpful services.


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What is Digital Nomadism

I love being a digital nomad, traveling the world while running my business. I've shared my experiences in the first Digital Nomad conference held in Tel Aviv, and got great feedback.
Since held several bar talks, mainly focusing on the process i've went through to get to this point.

Digital Nomadism is the ability to work anywhere. Being remote workers, having an online business or providing freelance services online. 

This type of work allows the freedom of working from anywhere- The beach, a coworking space, a mountain top, or simply from your home.

I like to share my beliefs regarding Digital Nomadism and the digital age.

Here are a few interview I gave:

Nomads Live- Couple with Dog (Hebrew)

Video podcast About how we got started as a digital nomad couple and about traveling with a dog.

Digital nomads- not what we thought (Hebrew)

Video podcast about traveling the world as a digital nomad. What it means & is this the future of the way we work? 

מרק נוודים.jpg

Podcast about Our journey, how much we spend and what we are planning next. Click here to listen.

Nomad soup (Hebrew)

Archgyan logo.jpg

Podcast about architecture and travel, how to get started and local design inspirations. Click here to listen.

Perks of being a DNA

Career Kickstarter.png

Podcast about traveling while working and how to create your own remote business. Click here to listen.

Being a digital nomad architect

The Everygirl logo

Article with 8 examples of remote workers and tips for starting out. Click here to read.

8 Women share how they work from anywhere